Just Chullin’ – Sailing L’Attitude – Episode 36

We have arrived in the Pacific Islands! Our first couple of weeks in the Marquesas is like an early homecoming. The friendliness and generosity of the people, the sweet, succulent fruit juices dripping down our chins and of course, natures landscaped marvel that is this enchanting island chain.

We hang with fellow cruisers, try local delicacies, relish in the plethora of fish and colourful reefs, and gorge ourselves on the fresh produce.

We begin our crusiing at Ua Huka and move westwards to Nuku Hiva where we find one of our favourite anchorages of the trip so far – Anaho Bay.

Sarah & Adam X

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Narrow Plains – Dreams

Narrow Plains – Ghost

Allman Brown – Sweetest Thing

Boatkeeper – So Go

Jesse Taylor – Coastline

Boatkeeper – Shadows

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